Being one of the most reliable printer brands, Epson printers generate multiple issues that are quite bothersome. Most of the Epson printer users have complained about the paper jamming error when they are working with it.


Once the paper jamming error occurs, an error notification pops up on the screen says Epson error code 0x97 appeared.


If you are also experiencing the same situation, then check out this post to know about the best possible ways for resolving the Epson printer paper jamming error without further complications.

Reasons for Epson Printer Paper Jamming Error

Multiple reasons are responsible for the paper jamming error.


  • Wrong printing layout

  • Incorrect size of paper

  • Improper installation of the paper tray

How to Deal With Epson Printer Error?

Follow up the entire section and resolve the page jamming error by using the underlying dedicated hacks.

Procedure 1: Remove Paper Jam from SSF
  • Gently, take out the paper from the SSF and then unveil the standard 250-sheet tray from the Epson printer. 

  • Now, review whether any paper stuck inside it. If you do not locate any pepper, then invoke the front cover by pressing the side button.

  • After that, initiate the Belt unit and remove the stuck paper out of this. Now, be sure there is no piece of paper stuck inside your printer device.

  • Once you are done with it, close the front cover and re-insert the paper tray in its proper location.

Procedure 2: Take Out Jammed Paper from the Fusor

If the paper jamming error occurs due to stuck paper inside the fusor, then apply the underlying instructions to sort it out.


For this purpose, you have to turn off your Epson printer and open the front cover by using the above-mentioned instructions. Now, gentle open the Belt unit and try to find the stuck papers.

Thereafter, take out all the stuck papers and insert the belt unit in its exact location.

Procedure 3: Unveil the Jammed Paper from the Duplexer

In case, any paper stuck on the duplexer, then you can also find this paper jamming error notifications. Therefore, you have to remove the jammed paper from the duplexer. To do so, follow the under mentioned instructions.


  • Firstly, open the front cover of your printer device.

  • Then, invoke the duplexer door carefully.

  • After that, verify whether any paper stuck inside there.

  • If there is jammed paper, then take it out gently from the duplexer.

  • Once you are done, close the duplexer cover as well as the front cover.

Concluding Remarks:

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